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About Us

Axsoma provides a suite of software tools to help scientists collect and analyze data, connect with collaborators, and create manuscripts.

Use Axsoma throughout your entire project

  • Protocol Creation, Sharing, and Inclusion
  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Sharing - All online
  • Collaborative Manuscript Writer with autoformatting for submission

Get rid of 5-10 software programs that require constant downloads, updates, and license wrangling and switch to Axsoma for everything in one easy-to-use package

Product Features

Protocol Notebook

Save your methods and share them with readers.

Basic Statistics Software

Run ANOVA, correlation, regression, and power analyses right from your browser.

Manuscript Writer

A manuscript creation tool specifically for modern publishers that formats and reformats everything you need for submission.

Cloud Backup

Everything you do is saved and backed up so that you never lose data or waste hours trying to recover your files.

Easy Collaboration

Give collaborators full editing access to your projects, or keep your stuff private. It's up to you.

Supplement your publications with your actual data

Open data increases citations!

Make your project public and share your Axsoma link in your publication supplemental materials.

Download datasets from other researchers to run meta-analyses or to answer secondary hypotheses.

Unique features not found in other statistics programs

Create publication-ready graphs with a single click. Easily edit and export graphs in useful formats such as PDF, PNG, EPS, and others.

Format all your output in journal-specific formats with one action. Easily reformat whole projects to send to different journals.

Get automatically generated statistical methods section depending on what tools you use, with test versions and useful information for your readers.

Data transparency benefits science and scientists

"To further increase transparency, we will encourage authors to provide tables of the data behind graphs and figures." -Nature

"Data transparency and reproducibility are at the core of a successful scientific enterprise." -NIH

"sharing data, software and materials with colleagues can help an early-career researcher to garner recognition — a crucial component of success." -Nature


Choose the package below that's right for you.



  • 3 Projects / 10 Datasets
  • All Statistical Tools
  • Limited Graphs
  • Limited Output
  • Limited Formatting Options


$50 year

  • Unlimited Projects / Datasets
  • All Statistical Tools
  • Full Graphs
  • Unlimited Output
  • All Formatting Options
  • Custom Data Export
  • Share Free Trials

Bulk Licensing

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